What Is Wallids?

Wallids is an artificial intelligence cyber defense software which has brought a new dimension to cyber defense with its network capable of learning, verifying and matching. By analyzing the inputs and outputs of your entire system, it gets in contact with the wallids servers and acts in unison with the software authorities. It aims at detecting 99% of cyber attacks, blocking them and informing system administrators instantly.


Wallids encrypts all data with the AES256, which is considered to be the most secure encryption code in the world.


Wallids acts based on the permits given by the Wallids' management & reporting panel.

Data Security

Wallids is unable to access or copy any data that you have. Due to this, your data cannot be reached beyond your institution or organization or by the Wallids software.

Wallids provides %99 protection against the possible dangers with learning, pairing and verification algorithms.




Wallids, with the verification, pairing and learning algorithms, analyzes incoming requests to your and via such algorithms it prevents data loss in your system.


Wallids, instantly informs you about the intrusions to your system via SMS or e-mail.


Wallids, by working cloud base, avoids serious damages that could occur in system density. At the same time by dispersing from a single area with all software languages it synchronizes with them.


Wallids; due to a quick analysis, fixation and reaction performance disburdens you and your co-workers about work and saves time.


Wallids has a personal panel that you can access to its extensive reporting, system analysis and system scanning.


Before you start using Wallids you can analyze your system and learn about the damages that can occur in your system and manage precautions about them.