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Wallids - Cybersecurity - Founder - Muhammet Akif TURAN
Muhammet Akif TURAN (MO)
Wallids - Cybersecurity - Founder - Alican SEVİNÇ
Wallids - Cybersecurity - Founder - Onur ÇAKAR
Wallids - Cybersecurity - Intern - Ahmet Gül
Ahmet GÜL
Full-stack Intern
Wallids - Cybersecurity - Founder - Yiğit SOLAK
UI-UX Intern

Our Story

Alican set up one of the first hosting services in Turkey when he was only 16. After working in many industries, he met Akif and they started to work together in a company located in Silicon Valley. Akif later worked on a project with Onur for a year. Then Akif's undying passion for cybersecurity struck again. We sat and thought about how to make cybersecurity effective yet an easy experience so we started working on Wallids. After a year of no sleep, we are happy that we made Wallids happen.

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