WaF the Hell

We developed a different way than other WaF and RASP solutions. Wallids is an AI-based cybersecurity software. It provides fast response and easy integration on cloud.

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What Makes Wallids Different?

Wallids Cybersecurity - Detect OWASP TOP10 Attacks With Wallids

Faster Response Time

According to Portent, every additional second of load time means a drop of 4,42% in conversion rates and it doesn't stop there. Page speed is one of the key elements that affects your Google ranking. Wallids analyzes requests in 50 ms so your customers don't have to wait to buy your products.

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Zero False Positive Cost

All merchants lose 2,79% of revenue to false positives. False positive costs are more than 5 times chargeback costs and most false positive incidents occur in campaign times. Wallids prevents attacks instead of blocking attackers and cleans requests from harmful code so when a false positive occurs you won't lose a penny.

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Wallids Cybersecurity - Protect your application from the attacks

Wallids Cybersecurity - See what's happening on your website

You Don't Need an IT Team

Dealing with the technical aspects of your website is already hard. To protect your website you have to learn cybersecurity or hire new people. Wallids doesn't force you to choose between your time or expenses. You can integrate Wallids to your site in 5 minutes even if you don't know how to code and you will still get top protection rates and low response times.

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You Don't Have to Track Updates

60% of data breaches happen because of unpatched vulnerabilities. Updates are important but tracking them is annoying and time-consuming. Wallids updates itself with each attack and improves its algorithm every second thanks to its centralized cloud-based architecture.

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Wallids Cybersecurity - Dont have to track updates

Knowledge is Power

You always know what is happening on your website. Wallids equips you with the best monitoring practices.


You can follow every request that comes to your website. You can discover which pages get attacked the most and who attacked those pages.


You will get notified whenever a hacker attacks your website. You can customize your notification settings about when and who gets notifications.


You can track attackers by their IP address. You can see what they did on your website and Wallids provides the risk score of every request.


More than one website? No worries. You can add websites easily and switch between them with one click. Custom settings for all websites.


Create and assign teams for each website in a couple of minutes. Utilize notification settings for your teams and every member in it.


Wallids logs requests made on your websites. You can easily see everything including attacks, user flows and errors from one place.

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